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Little quick rush. To catch him, rolex replica wathces toward the earth landing, behind a road Chi power split, let him also hit, rolex replica wathces covered in electricity long grass, body pain, almost crumbles. To know that this is the post of rolex replica wathces lightning flash light. Quick, help me, refining rolex replica wathces the thunder rob liquid! Cried the inflammation. His body Rune dim, Vitale rolex replica wathces almost running out, depends entirely on breath support, in the palm . of the shrouded in a purple haze, at any time. Little hurried out, remove the suanni Hokyo, release Leiguang, fixed the conditions, and then to the refinery. At the same time, he took out two strains of elixir, let Mu Lei Zu inflammation Fushi, recover. Finally, om long sound, Mu Yan brimming with pain and restore some Jingqi Shen, he began to rolex replica wathces seriously Lian Ji, Ziqi contraction, ray light r. olling, they are transformed into a drop of liquid. Become! He rolex replica watches online was very pleased to receive, with a jade pot, Zixia flow jar, suddenly clear up. Can be perceived, there is rolex replica wathces a powerful vitality in fluctuation, although just a droplet of liquid, but new strength and breath is amazing. They fell on the ground, Mu Yan immediately stumble in there, already did not have the strength, the wound in th. e body is too heavy, many places of bone is exposed, became the focal black. Elder, you all right? Little worry. Is no harm, you will receive good fluid of this bottle of God, although only a drop of only, but the value of free volume can make you closer to the thunder rolex replica wathces and lightning, a great benefit to rolex replica wathces the practice. Mu Yan tao. In fact, except for the vitality, the thunder robs liquid also u. nmatched in the spiritual, the most suitable for enlightenment and break with, is truly priceless. How many people can get? No matter who are unwilling to risk, looking at thunder. Elder you hurt is too heavy, quickly taking the thunder robs liquid, or otherwise rolex replica wathces they will have the sorrow of life. God will not push back the small liquid. Anyway, I can't die, eat two strains of medicine has no. t hurt the. I hope mine can build the foundation for you, let's not waste. No matter how to persuade, Mu is phlogistic did not take, jade pot into a small little hands, and let him immediately refining, understanding of the mysteries of the ray of. A little bit no way, only to receive the hands. He took the monkey rolex replica wathces wine, let Mu arthritis drink, which is composed of dozens of elixir brewing, c. an cure the body, with magic. Lei Zu laugh, there is such a thing in nature, he can recover, this is healing treasure. Small rolex replica wathces not to hunker down and take the magic liquid, a twinkling rolex replica wathces of an eye immediately by drowned out by a surprising vigor and have rolex replica watches sale for you the Thunder Road law appears, Rune flicker. Roar. A roar, a golden lion in the back up, and so. A layer of mist shrouded the purple, beast, it . all scales clattering, even in the metamorphosis. Finally, the head with a layer of gold suanni into purple, runes, embellished in the body. Small and not a bit of a strong atmosphere of many times, the mine is intertwined, an ancient symbol of the formation, the evolution of the most powerful and terrible power. He sat there, time of day and night, it opened his eyes, rolex replica wathces suddenly a thunder lig. ht rattling, and burst. In the back, a head to gold Suan Ni with purple markings, rolex replica wathces going to heaven and chosho, it was enormous, than before also do not know the mighty the number of times, mouth whistle, bang, a lightning fly out, Babel moving! The law of the Tao, I can only send you these, and then to rely on your own practice. Mu Yantan road. Small does not point to the practice ended, suan. ni treasure of degenerated, than before strong many times, become a deadly killer, attacked to just Xeon, with devastating breath. In front of the body, a crater emerges, sucked into the suanni, fierce beast into a gold runes, magma ups and downs in the was nourished in among. (to be continued) rolex replica wathces The 189th chapter is the end of the A thunder Daobao operation, small the more spirit and strong l. ightning blaster, represents the Xeon to Yang and connotation in his body, develop the A shares a different kind of spirit., of course, this is just one of his treasure was just, it didn't affect his rolex replica wathces true temperament, just eyes clear much a determination. His black hair tumbling, Xiucheng Dabao technique, one might say is to make the original two big magical power transformation and sublimat. ion of the, is more powerful and strong. Monkey Jiuyao strength is buy rolex replica watches rolex replica wathces very strong, Mu Yan body road Xiaguang scurrying about, his bones crackling, rhythm of flesh and blood is blood and bone and began restructuring. He is dying, but was born pulling back, with dozens of elixir exercise of nectar, effect is very overbearing and violent, began the connecting rib bone. Such injuries can survive, b. e called a miracle. Day and night sit cross legged, serious operation rune, Mu Yan eventually recovered, the body does not have big AI. It rolex replica wathces is hard to drink, to the legendary monkey wine, so I am old with joy. Mu Yan ha ha laugh. Little touched, and Lei Zu although popular character and this a month ago rolex replica wathces to him were honed hell, may seem harsh, but people are really very good, to he almost died. . Very good. When he returned to the sky after the court, Liu Lao nodded, revealing the joy of color. What rolex replica wathces kind of place is the ancient holy house, can I go in? Small no point asking. Two old people are a sigh.

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