Facilities include 24 laboratories equiped with modern infrastructure for research and development in Science, Technology and Innovation, both in Brazil and abroad, in several different academic areas.


With over 100 patents and a product available in the pharmaceutical industry, our institute has scientific and technifical qualifications to promote development and provide innovative services.


Our platforms run on an excellent infrastructure and are maintained by a specialized technical staff in order to offer tehcnological solutions according to INMETRO standards of service.

Sergipe - Avenida Murilo Dantas, nº 300, Bairro Farolândia, Aracaju - Sergipe, CEP 49032-490.
Alagoas - Avenida Comendador Gustavo Paiva, nº 5.017, Bairro Cruz das Almas, Maceió - Alagoas, CEP 57038-000


Development Agencies