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Created by Order n. 001, on April 4, 2011, the Agency for Innovation and Technology Management (AGITEC) is composed of the Technological Innovation Center of the Institute of Technology and Research (NIT/ITP) and the Technology Transfer Office (ETTec). Its objective is to manage all matters subject to legal protection for research conducted by the Institute or one of its partners. The agency works with technology, process, branding, and other operations being tranferred for use in greater society, through licensing or transfer to the commercial sector.


To act as the agency of innovation and technological transference,in order to promotethe exchange of innovation and technology on a local scale.



- Manage all subject matter protected by current legislation and existing institutional standards;  


- Identify and analyze projects with a potential forinnovation and intellectual property;  


- Advise the Institute on legal, administrative, and marketing aspects of the involved technologies;  


- Locate and form partnerships for the development of science, technology, and innovation with other scientific and technological institutions, such as private companies, government agencies, civil society organizations, and the local community;  


- Transfer research and development results through commercialization and licensing in the production sector;


- Spread a cultural awareness of intellectual property, stimulating an interest in the research community to protect intellectual property developed both inside and outside the Institute;  


- Promote training and workshops in the field of intellectual property;  


- Ensure confidentiality and protection of all subject matter produced by the Institute;  


- Create patents;  


- Conduct technological surveys.


Currently, our Portfolio has a registered trademark, 01 Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), 49 patents and  four additional patents as co-owner. One of these patents was granted in 2014 by the“Patentes Verdes” Program, in addition to one patent which was transferred to the pharmaceutical company Hebron.